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Brooke Taylor AZ Realtor®

Hi, I’m Brooke Taylor,  and as a former teacher, turned real estate agent, I love to educate first-timers about the home buying and selling process...

...and I love to make it fun along the way!

I'm a wife, mom of four, former teacher, and podcast junkie. In 2019, I decided to get my real estate license, which has allowed me flexibility in my schedule, the ability to work more closely with my contractor husband
(Chip Gaines is his spirit-animal)
and the opportunity to do a little bit more of what I love...teaching!

I love teaching clients about the home buying and selling process and the assistance programs that are possibly available to them.

There's nothing better than helping you save some cheddar!

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Newsflash: Your First Home Isn't Always Your Forever Home

 As your Realtor®, I can help you find the perfect "starter home" and or maybe a great "stepping stone home" and if, and when, you're ready, a fabulous "forever home." Whatever your situation, I'm here to help you find something that perfectly fits your here and now!

There's a First Time For Everything.
Let Me Help.

If you're looking to buy or sell for the first time, you've found the right agent.

As a former teacher, educating clients during each step of the home buying and selling process is my jam.

I'm here to help you go from a house that doesn't quite "fit," to a home that improves your lifestyle.

I'm here to help you find creative ways to find your next home AND the downpayment to make that possible.

Let me show you how it can be a little less stressful and how much you can benefit from a space that truly fits your your lifestyle - even if you don't know where to start.

Here's How

I'll handle the project planning, the contractor contact list, and the schedule. I'll help you know what days are important, what steps are next, and how we're going to make your real estate goals a reality.
Most importantly, we're going to do the right things at the right time to get you the right price. I'll make the buying and selling process as easy as possible. Especially for first-timers.

If you're interested in hearing more, let's meet and talk through your goals.

What my clients say about me

“We didn't think we could afford to buy a home, but we did it!"

We had never owned a home before, but Brooke showed us how owning a home was less expensive than renting.  We never thought we could afford to buy a home in the neighborhood we wanted to live, but after looking at many options, Brooke was able to help us win a home that we love.”

—Craig & Becky

Let Me Show You How You Can Do This Too!

I tell most of my home buyer clients that I want to meet with them up to a year before they are ready to purchase, because we need time to research and apply for possible loan programs. We need to make sure they are a good fit for short and long term life and financial goals. That way, when they are ready to start looking at houses, they know exactly what programs they want to use and how they can make their ideal home more affordable (or maybe even cheaper than renting)! Don't be shy, schedule your free initial consultation below and I'd love to meet with you to talk through your specific situation and see what's possible for you! 

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